Advanced Trauma Life Support® (ATLS®) Instructor Course

The Instructor Course is a one-and-half-day course. It is designed for training Instructors for the ATLS® Provider Course.

The Instructor Course consists of a variety of teaching-how-to-teach components that are directly related to the ATLS® core content:

  • principles and philosophies of teaching the course;
  • management of various students behaviors;
  • techniques for giving a lecture;
  • techniques for skills-teaching;
  • techniques for leading group discussion;
  • techniques for critiquing and assessing student's performance.

There is no formal and standard assessment for a participant's ability. Instead, the performance and the attitude of the participant will be evaluated throughout the entire course. A participant with unsatisfactory performance will be requested to retake the Course later.

More details of the ATLS program and its regulations are available here.

Eligibility for the Course

Participants for the ATLS® Instructor Course should fulfil all the following requirements:

  • completion of the ATLS® Student Course in Hong Kong within the recent two years;
  • outstanding performance in written and practical tests;
  • having been identified as having Instructor potential;
  • demonstrating a commitment to ATLS® philosophy; and
  • demonstrating a commitment to trauma education.
Requirements for Full Instructor Status
  • After successful completion of the Instructor Course, an Instructor Candidate is required to teach in a Student Course within 12 months during which his or her teaching performance will be evaluated by the Course Director.
  • If the first teaching performance is not satisfactory, the Instructor Candidate need to teach another Student Course for re-assessment.
  • We require our Instructors to teach at least once a year, depending upon the performance of individual Instructors.
Target Participants

Doctors who are committed to trauma education

Teaching Medium



Laboratory Block
Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine
The University of Hong Kong
21 Sassoon Road
Pokfulam, Hong Kong


Number of Participants

9 per course

Course Fee

Waived (Funded by the Hospital Authority, Hong Kong)

Course Manual

The Course Manual will be provided to enrolled participants four weeks before the course.


No accommodation is provided.

Traveling VISA

Overseas candidates must ensure that they have obtained a valid VISA to visit Hong Kong.


To be announced

Course Schedule

Course Schedule